Should you upgrade your rewards or loyalty program in 2021?

Jan 5, 2021 | Driive Loyalty

Your customers are the center of your business, and their happiness is essential to increasing customer retention. Many businesses have built up their customer base over the years through rewards or loyalty programs. After all, everyone likes to be rewarded! While there are dozens of loyalty program options available to offer your customers, many programs are outdated, inconvenient, or ineffective.

You may already have a rewards and loyalty program established, but 2021 is the year to make your program even better! Now is an excellent time to get a step ahead of your competition by offering your customers something valuable. Here are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding if your loyalty or rewards program could use a little updating.

Do you currently offer a rewards system?

Not already having a rewards program in place is a great reason to start a new program this year. Customer rewards can fit into many types of organizations and will be appreciated by your loyal customers. Plus, offering a loyalty program strengthens your customer relationships by incentivizing them to return to your business or purchase your products more frequently.

Are you still using a punch card system?

Relying solely on a punch card system is almost the same as not offering a rewards program at all. Punch cards are easy to hand out to customers but often are forgotten and never get used or redeemed. Remove the burden of remembering to bring in a punch card from your customers and modernize your customer loyalty program by going digital in 2021!

Give customers points by asking for a phone number or email address instead of requiring them to bring in a punch card to your business. Making it easy for your customers to accumulate points will make them consider your business more frequently.

Does your loyalty program make it easy to send out reminders about point balances, expiring points, and discounts?

Your loyalty program should be easy to manage. Offering customer discounts, freebies, or experiences all by email or text is a solid way to keep your brand fresh in their mind and prompt more sales or return visits. In addition, reminding customers about expiring points or sending them promotional emails urges your customers to act quickly!

Having an automated rewards program that sends your customers relevant rewards, promotions, and messages is a time saver and boosts your marketing efforts. For example, the SmartBase Driive Loyalty Program automatically sends messages to your customers’ inboxes without any additional effort from you.

Is your program tailored to every customer?

Keep the customer engagement going by offering personalization in your rewards program. Not every customer will benefit from the same promotion or reward. Your program should target individual customers and clients based on their past interactions with your business. Some rewards or incentives could be irrelevant to your customer; your reward system should offer incentives your customers are actually interested in. That way, your customers are more likely to redeem their rewards and interact with your business again.

Consider all of the reasons above and think about how upgrading your loyalty or rewards program in 2021 could increase your revenue and customer retention. SmartBase Solutions offers Driive Loyalty, a program that is excellent for retailers who want to bring in more customers and maintain a closer customer relationship with their current customer base! SmartBase also offers a Brand Loyalty Program best suited for manufacturers who want to incentivize and better reach their clients.


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