Brand Loyalty Program

Simplify communications with your retailers and distribution channels


Remove the guesswork around client retention

If you're a manufacturer and want to increase sales and customer retention, our loyalty program can help. The Brand Loyalty Program is a rewards program designed specifically for manufacturers to help them better-engage with their retailers.

The Brand Loyalty Program can offer new opportunities and insights on your retailers' purchases, trends, and more. Your program will be easy to track, tailor to your specific needs, and you'll have access to your own Account Manager to answer any questions.

Eliminate the hassle of collecting sales data and manual point calculation

The SmartBase Brand Loyalty Program provides product manufacturers a standardized level of control on their sales and retention efforts by incentivizing retailers based on their purchases. You'll be able to implement custom criteria and thresholds to assign points for your retailers' purchases. These points can then be redeemed for additional product, training/education opportunities, or any variety of custom items that are stocked in your SmartBase Brand Loyalty Portal.


Brand Loyalty Suite of Services:

Fully managed and hosted Brand Loyalty Portal

Automated reward point calculation

Ability to upload and consolidate client sales through the Brand Loyalty Portal

Reward Order Status Reporting

Program Reporting

Ability to integrate with your ecommerce site and other disparate data sources

Dedicated Account Manager

Features and functionality can be configured to meet your needs


How the Brand Loyalty Program Works:


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