Data Warehousing

Secure Data Warehousing & Management for the Healthcare Industry

Why do I need secure data warehousing?

Keep your customer or patient database safe and secure with SmartBase. We know that building and managing a database can be time consuming, complex and overwhelming — particularly when building an environment to store critical and sensitive data. SmartBase’s Managed Data Warehousing cures the headache caused by developing and maintaining a secure environment for your organization’s most important data.

Our experts will become an extension of your team, building and comprehensively managing your secure customer or patient data warehouse on your behalf. We’ll create it, secure it, back it up, set it up and routinely update it, so you can use your valuable time to focus on other business priorities.

What’s Included?

SmartBase’s Managed Data Warehousing services are comprehensively tailored to your organization’s needs. Choose your preferred database technology, or rely on our expert recommendation based on your specific needs and budget. We’ll build your custom environment and manage it continuously to ensure optimal performance in the long term.
Data warehousing includes:


Bespoke data warehouse environment hosted in our HITRUST-certified Private Cloud


Extensive Backup & Recovery solutions


Geographically-dispersed Disaster Recovery


Servers hardened to industry best practices


Top-notch performance with All-Flash Storage

CRM Integration

CRM integration via API or an automated file feed is included with your SmartBase Data Warehousing solution. Our experienced team will build custom integrations that will empower you to maximize your data utilization. Whether you’re working with a CRM, a point of sale (PoS) system or a dashboard tool, the SmartBase experts will create the necessary integrations and unleash the power of your data.

Your Superior Security Starts Here!

Contact us to learn more about our innovative, transparent approach to healthcare database management. Our team will connect with you to discuss your needs and start you on the path to smarter data security!

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