Driive Loyalty Marketing Program

Increase customer loyalty and revenue


Having a customer rewards program makes great business sense.

It’s a proven way to build a loyal customer base, and get clients to spend more on return visits. But if you’re already busy running your salon or store, you don’t have extra time to manage a complex loyalty program.

You need a loyalty and rewards program that’s easy to run, with a track record of increasing revenue. That’s the Driive Loyalty Marketing Program from SmartBase Solutions.

The businesses that use Driive have found:

When their customers opt into Driive Loyalty, they spend 128% more annually
than customers who don’t opt in.

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How it works

Driive Loyalty uses your POS data to give your customers a personalized experience from the moment they opt in. Based on their transactions, behavior and demographics, Driive automatically sends your customers relevant rewards, messages and offers.

Driive Loyalty integrates with the POS system you already use—no need to buy a new one.

Easy and efficient

After your dedicated account manager helps you configure your loyalty program, sit back and let the system do the work. Driive will automatically send messages to your customers. Your account manager will be in contact with you on a regular basis, so you can routinely review your program results and make any desired adjustments. You can contact your account manager anytime you need additional changes or help.


An affordable way to grow your business

Your monthly subscription fee includes customer support. Contact us to ask about fees and how to sign up.

Measurable results

We analyzed millions of transaction records and found that Driive clients see:
● Up to 20% annual increase in top-line revenue
● Up to 294% ROI on the Driive Loyalty program

Customizable features

● Customer rewards
● Triggered messages
● Promotional messages
● Feedback surveys
● Referral rewards
● Social media integration
● Mobile apps

"The triggered emails within Driive Loyalty allow me to reach my customers individually without any extra effort. My customers' behavior drives the triggered emails and the triggered emails helps drive my customers' behavior to visit my store more often and to spend more money. It's a continuous loop that helps my business grow. "
- Christine I., Retail Franchisee

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