How To Use Storytelling Marketing

Dec 1, 2020 | Data

Emailing your guests is a great way to keep them involved with your brand, but problems arise if you are continuously sending guests similar messages with bland content. This can cause your emails to be ignored and lead to a decrease in your open and click rates. Start spicing up your emails! Use your creativity to start sending more engaging content to your guests. One way to show off your creativity and put something new in your guest’s inbox is through storytelling marketing.

Our whole world is a narrative and your business should be as well. Storytelling marketing gives your business a character and a memorable personality. Your guests are more likely to remember your promotion when you tell an engaging story in your email. Try telling a story about your business to make the guest read your entire email and retain more information. Keep your story concise and avoid making your email so text heavy that your guest loses interest.

How to begin telling your story

To have a good story you need: a character, a problem or obstacle, and a final solution. The character could be your store in general, or you could choose an employee that is willing to take part in your email. Create a problem that your chosen character needs to overcome. An example of this could be an instance where your store has too much stock to handle. Then come up with a solution to the overstock problem, such as having a promotion this weekend. The best stories feature your guest as the hero of the story. You won’t be able to solve your problem if the guest doesn’t take the action you’re directing them to in your email.

Storytelling marketing involves these three details without overwhelming your guests with too much text. You want your guest to clearly understand the action that you want them to take from your email. Stick to a simple and lighthearted story that keeps your guests engaged.

Here’s an example a retailer might use in their storytelling marketing email:

Headline: We Miss You

Email Copy: Our stylists can’t stop talking about how much they miss all our guests after our shutdown. (Stylist Last Seen) has asked how you are. They want to give you a special discount so that you can keep extra money in your pocket and we can all catch up!

See You Soon!!

Character: The stylist at the salon – specifically the guest’s last stylist.

Problem: The stylist misses you and can’t wait to see you again.

Solution: Take the coupon and come to the salon to chat with the stylist.

Try storytelling marketing!

Simply adding a story to your emails can create a memorable email that stands out among all the other promotional emails your guests are receiving. Storytelling marketing is a fun way to put creativity and personality into your brand. Put yourself in your guest’s shoes and imagine what emails they would be interested in reading. If your guests are receiving many emails, sending a new and interesting storytelling email is a great way to shake things up in their inboxes.

Creating your email as a story is not as difficult as it sounds! This is all about being authentic and making your brand relatable in a fun and creative way that hopefully leads to more guests visiting your business.

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