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Jan 20, 2021 | Driive Loyalty

Guest acquisition and retention has been a struggle for many salons over the past year. Salon owners had to think differently about how they engage with their customers. If your salon has had challenges engaging with new guests and staying engaged with longtime guests, you should consider a digital loyalty program.


What is a salon loyalty program?

A loyalty program rewards your return customers for their continued business. Think of it as a way for your salon to say “thank you” to your faithful guests. You can provide important salon updates, offer special discounts, freebies, and more to incentivize guests to return more often. Big or small, any size salon can offer a loyalty program to help boost guest retention.

You may already offer a traditional loyalty program at your salon. However, if your salon is still struggling to bring in even your most loyal guests, it might be time to rethink your loyalty program and go digital.


How will a digital loyalty program help my salon?

Offering a digital loyalty program can help grow your business even more than a traditional program. Here are some of the essential benefits of using a digital loyalty program for your salon:

  • Reach out and engage with guests more than ever before

Keychain loyalty cards, punch cards, and other similar loyalty systems rarely trigger customers to take action and return to your salon. When you want to reach out to your customers, a digital loyalty program is the quickest, most efficient way. A digital program allows you to send out point balance reminders, update your guests on your business promotions, and more to remind customers of your salon.

  • Target specific customers with messages that are relevant to them

You may have had a difficult time following up with each of your guests after their visit is over. Using a digital loyalty program means you’ll gain access to customer information that may not have previously been available to you in conjunction with your marketing efforts. You’ll be able to use this information to send triggered messages to remind customers of your salon and promotions that could motivate them to visit your salon.

  • Bring in new customers with referrals

Offering your guests incentives such as service discounts or bonus points for referring their friends and family benefits your salon tremendously! Not only do you acquire a new guest who has the potential to return again, but you also make your current guest happy by rewarding them with incentive.


Is it easy to set up a digital loyalty program?

The set up and management of a digital loyalty program is simple and to the point. For example, SmartBase Solutions Driive Loyalty program can integrate with the POS system you already use. Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to monitor your customers and target them with unique messages and promotions that motivates them to visit your salon.

With a digital loyalty program you can reconnect with past guests and reach out to your current guests. There are many ways to customize your program to reach your individual guests and encourage them to visit your salon with more frequency.


Could your salon use a boost in guest acquisition?

SmartBase Solutions Driive Loyalty, a digital loyalty program that is easy to set up and monitor. Our team can give you more information and help set up your digital loyalty program. Give us a call at 612.767.9940 or contact us today.

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