Ideas for Sending Mother’s Day Promo Emails

Apr 29, 2021 | Opinion

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching! Sending your email subscribers promotions and ideas for choosing the best Mother’s Day gift is a great way to increase sales and traffic to your store. Mother’s Day is on May 9th and the time to start piecing together your email campaign and sending your promotions is now!

What should you include in your Mother’s Day promo emails? Here are a few ideas on what to include to create the perfect Mother’s Day promotional email campaign!

Use a Solid Subject Line

Your subject line will be the first thing your email subscribers will read. Create a short, catchy subject line that informs your recipients that your email is themed for Mother’s Day and could help them find the right gift for mom! Having an interesting subject line that your subscribers want to engage with will increase your email’s open rate.

Here are a few examples of subject lines for your Mother’s Day email:

  • Mother’s Day Sale Starts NOW!
  • Save big this Mother’s Day!
  • Still searching for a Mother’s Day gift?
  • Mother’s Day Special: 10% off your purchase!
  • Make it the ultimate Mother’s Day
  • Finish your Mother’s Day shopping now!

Gift Ideas

Your email subscribers are beginning the search for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day now. Help them find what they’re looking for by sending them your store’s gift guide for Mother’s Day! Include products that are suitable for the holiday and if you offer gift wrapping or personalized cards. If your store offers services, show your subscribers how your services would make for a great gift for mom. Spa treatments, haircuts, manicures and more all make fabulous gifts for Mother’s Day!

Discounts and Promotions

Every consumer enjoys a good deal. Share any special promotions, services, or discounts your store will have leading up to or on Mother’s Day. Be sure to include any coupons your subscribers will need to benefit from your discounts and promotions.

Offer Rewards Points for Purchases

If you offer a rewards program at your business, think about incorporating your Mother’s Day promotions with rewards! You could offer additional rewards points on purchases of your products, discounts to rewards members, and more to motivate rewards members to visit your business.


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