Harness the Power of Hadoop for Marketing Automation.

Jan 29, 2016 | Company News, Data

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new product, the Hadoop-Silverpop API Connector. SmartBase was the first to develop this kind of application between these popular tools – We’re really proud of it!

So, what is it?

Glad you asked! The Hadoop-Silverpop API Connector is an application that connects our Hadoop platform, also known as HURON, to your Silverpop marketing automation platform through API calls. HURON contains a proprietary processing engine inside the Hadoop structure that makes your data useful. As a marketer, being able to easily access to all of the data in your organization and actually use it is a dream scenario. This connector makes that dream possible!


Hadoop Marketing Automation

Traditional method of connecting Marketing Automation to a Hadoop Platform

Typically, as seen above, Hadoop pushes the data to a relational store and that relational store feeds the Marketing automation platform. This doesn’t allow full use of the data you’ve collected and makes it complicated to bring in another data variable. Essentially, you’re restricted by the fields of the relational store.


Hadoop - Silverpop API Connector Marketing Automation

Hadoop – Silverpop API Connector

Our application connects to the platform itself to be able to access all of the data in Hadoop directly, cracking open the treasure chest of marketing campaign possibilities.


What does it do?

Our application manages your databases and relational tables used in your marketing campaigns. It also retrieves performance statistics for your marketing campaigns to make it easy to measure and evaluate their effectiveness.

Traditionally, accessing data for marketing campaigns would require marketers to go to IT, have them build queries according to their requirements and repeat. This process is time consuming and disruptive to both departments.

With Hadoop, all of your data is in one spot that can scale and change as your business grows.


Great! Give me an example.

Say you’re running for President of the United States [good luck!]. You’re getting a lot of engagement on social media and you want to make the most of those interactions. Only knowing a user’s handle and their sentiment toward you as a candidate doesn’t give you the full picture of who these people are. With HURON, you can easily beef up your data by adding free 3rd party sources, like voter registration data, to create a Master Identity for your engagers. Once you know more about them, you can pull their data directly from HURON into Silverpop and create an email/direct mail/SMS campaign that is targeted and relevant. Now you’ve created the opportunity to turn the socially engaged into your advocates.

Without the power of HURON and the direct connection to Silverpop’s Marketing Automation Platform, this level of targeting in a campaign would be nearly impossible.


“What really excites me about the Hadoop-Silverpop API Connector is the direct access to the HURON platform. This allows small to midsize companies to leverage technology that was once only available to large corporations. HURON levels the marketing playing field.”

– Rebecca Ramsden, Director of Interactive Marketing


Your next best step.

Time for you to dip your toe into the data lake and harness the power of Hadoop for marketing automation. Contact us for a demo of the Hadoop-Silverpop API Connector to see the possibilities!

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