8 Things We’re Looking Forward to at the Healthcare Marketing and Physicians Strategies Summit (#HMPS15)

Apr 8, 2015 | Data

We’re gearing up for the Healthcare Marketing & Physicians Strategies Summit next week. It’s almost here! This three day conference is packed with so much information they needed 3 separate tracks to get through it all! We’ll be attending sessions from Strategic Marketing to Customer Communication and Engagement to [our favorite] Analytics, Data and Measurement.

We wanted to share all of the things we’re really looking forward to at HMPS15 but our list was way too long.

For the sake of your precious time, we cut it down to these 8:

     1. Yoga. It’s happening every morning before the sessions start. Calming your mind and focusing in is the perfect way to get your conference day started. Plus, there’ll be some free goodies for attendees!

     2. Ann Handley. As the First Chief Content Officer, she knows that without great content, campaign efforts go to waste and high engagement is near impossible. We can’t wait to hear her strategies and best practices for attracting, engaging and retaining customers and patients with content.

     3. The New Science of Marketing. This preconference session on Monday April 13th highlights everything we’re passionate about; using data to drive strategic decision making. What every org wants, but what few have achieved. We’re confident that you won’t want to miss what David Feinberg, John Marzano, Susan Whitten and Karen Corrigen have to say.

     4. Magic. Not just in terms of the newest trends in healthcare marketing, but also what mystifies and amazes your inner 10 year old. Mat Franco’s show is sure to shock and amaze, but what is most relevant is how his close connection with his audience captures our attention and drives our appreciation for his act… Sound familiar?

     5. Reshaping the Online Experience. Beyond marketing, websites are now morphing into a critical part of care delivery. We’re excited to learn how North Shore-LIJ shifted not only the function of their website but their internal paradigms as well.

     6. Booth Giveaways. It’s likely frowned upon for us to go around and enter the giveaways but it is fun to look, right? We’re keeping our giveaway under wraps for now but what we can tell you is that our prize will put you at the center of healthcare data and it’s not available to the public yet! Any guesses?

     7. Future of Physician Marketing. In our world of ‘choice overload’ and online reviews, physicians need to understand how to effectively market their services. Having seen their presentation last year, we know that “Part 2” from Lyle Green of MD Anderson Cancer Center and Dan Dunlop of Jennings Health is going to be packed with great info. We’re sticking around after to hear from Arlinda Warren of Washington University School of Medicine and Susan Milford of OSF HealthCare System about the latest best practices that physicians need to know to drive their marketing in the digital age. We’re just glad these two sessions aren’t happening at the same time!

     8. Mingling!! – Last year we had the pleasure of meeting many of the attendees, exhibitors, as well as some folks from HealthCare Strategies Institute. We’re looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making some new ones. See you there!

What are you excited for?

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