3 Tips To Keep Your Promotional Emails Out Of The Spam Folder

Dec 18, 2020 | Data

Making sure your promotional emails are seen by your customers is essential for your business’s marketing efforts. You may have noticed that some of your promotional emails in the past have somehow ended up in your customer’s spam or junk folder. Customers do not go through their spam boxes looking for promotional emails, so if an email goes into a spam box, then the email will have no success. When an email lands in too many spam folders, more inboxes think that this is not an important email and the email will end up in even more spam boxes. This can be frustrating, but the good news is that it can be avoided!

You can greatly reduce the likelihood of your emails ending up in spam by taking certain precautions while drafting and sending promotional emails. Before you put the time and effort into sending out an email, make sure you are following these three tips to keep your email out of the spam folder!

Use a clear subject line with no spam trigger words

While it seems like a great way to grab your customer’s attention, all caps and using a copious amount of exclamation points won’t lead to higher open rates. Email servers check your subject line and will send emails with certain triggers to the spam folder. You could also potentially come off as annoying and leave your email recipient with a poor view of your brand. Instead, try creating compelling and professional subject lines to entice your customers to open the promo email.

A few examples of promotional email subject triggers to avoid:

    • Too many exclamations!!!!!!!!!
    • Promises that are too good to be true (Example: Double your Income Today!)
    • Too many emojis (a few are fine but don’t go overboard)
    • Misspelled words

Send emails to customers who you think will be engaged with the email

Make sure to keep your customers engaged with the email. Don’t send every email to every customer every time you send a mass email. Tailor your email lists to customers who will be most interested in the content of each email.

  • Targeted sales can keep customers engaged with your email. By targeting your message, customers are more likely to open your current email and future emails, as they would be more likely to believe the content could be interesting. Your customers are not all the same, so you need to market to them differently.
  • When you want to send a promotional email about a big sale to your customers, send the email only to customers who have been to your store in the past 2-3 years. This way, you are more likely to get an engaged list and your emails will continually have engagement and go into inboxes in the future.

Test your promotional emails before you send it to your audience

A quick way to see if your promotional email will end up in the spam folder is by sending a test email to yourself. It also makes it easy to see how your email is going to look in your customer’s inbox.

  • Make sure your email is compatible with both mobile and desktop views. When an email is not compatible with mobile or desktop views, it is more likely to go to spam.
  • Leave videos and flash files out of your email. Video content is often blocked or filtered to the spam folder.
  • Test all links in your email to see if any of your links are incorrect. Be sure to proof all links before sending a promo email. When links are going to incorrect pages, emails are often flagged as spam.

We hope you found these tips to keep your promotional emails out of your customer’s spam folder helpful. The more promotional emails that end up in your customer’s inbox, the more opportunity to make a profit on your promotional offer! Keep these tips in mind when you draft your next promo email.

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