Big News: SmartBase Solutions Acquired Group 3 Marketing

Oct 11, 2016 | Company News


SmartBase Solutions is excited to announce an acquisition of assets from Group 3 Marketing (G3M), a database marketing agency based in Minnesota. G3M provides a suite of marketing, database management, and fulfillment services for national brands by deploying loyalty programs on their database marketing platform. They focus on building customer loyalty for specialty retailers, internet retailers, and B2B marketers. [View the full press release here.]


2016 has been a year for growth at SmartBase.
We’ve invested heavily in technology, people and strategy to create stronger solutions, provide better support for our clients and ultimately grow our business. Several weeks ago, we came upon an opportunity that we knew would be a perfect fit for mutual growth. We saw the potential in G3M’s talented staff as well as their strong technology platform. Powered by our SmartBase IQ data platform, G3M’s database marketing technology will be supercharged, enabling more opportunities for innovation and data-driven results for our clients.


“As SmartBase Solutions continues to meet the changing needs of our clients, the addition of Group 3 Marketing capabilities and expertise aligns well with our growth strategy centered on data analytics and personalized marketing communications,” said Kris Lynch, SmartBase’s CEO.


As we bring the G3M technology under our roof, we are doing our best to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible for all of our clients. The first major change is that G3M products and services will now be offered under the SmartBase Solutions name as well as Kris Lynch’s proven leadership. We will roll out enhanced solutions in the marketplace as we continue to uncover additional opportunities for integration.


With the added resources and G3M’s technology, SmartBase will continue our mission to provide powerful data driven solutions to our clients, as well as bring strong customer loyalty programs to the retail industry. We’re excited about this change and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

If you have any questions about the acquisition or transition, please reach out to us at 612.767.9940 or

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