Raise Your Revenue This Holiday Shopping Season

Nov 16, 2020 | General

The season for holiday shopping is here!  With the challenges and upheavals of 2020, the holidays are a great opportunity for businesses to win back customers and increase spending with current customers who are checking off their holiday gift lists.

Advertise through the holiday shopping season

For the holidays, the average consumer will have $821 to spend on gifts, 25% of which is spent on personal care gifts. Advertise your inventory so your guests know that they can use your salon or store as a one stop shop to get some of their holiday shopping done during their next visit. Offer gift card deals, product incentives, or curated product gift bags to show guests that pampering is an excellent gift to give!

Don’t forget to advertise to younger consumers. 18-24-year-olds spend 32% of their holiday funds on giving the gift of pampering. Gift cards are a great way to get guests in now and encourages them to bring a friend. This will help expand your loyal customer base. Post on your social media platforms to reach the younger crowds and remind them that your products and services will make fantastic gifts for their friends and family.

Keep your inventory stocked

Check to make sure your inventory is stocked throughout the holiday season – starting well before Thanksgiving! Consumers start buying their gifts in October and the shopping won’t stop until Christmas Eve as 56% of consumers are buying their final gifts. Being fully stocked on inventory ensures that all of your guests will be able to buy the gifts they need for everyone on their list throughout the entire holiday shopping season.

Take advantage of Black Friday weekend

Advertise all your sales for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Offer different sales on each day. With multiple sales, your guest could even visit your business twice! Inform your guests about your holiday sales early. Take advantage of the SmartBase Solutions “Add to Calendar” feature on our email platforms. This add-on makes it easy for your guest to add your sale to their calendar. Outline all your sales in one original post. Any extra sale information can be added in later posts, informing customers of disclaimers to the sale and any other necessary details.

Push your e-commerce website

With Covid-19, Cyber Monday is even more important with consumers relying heavily on the internet for their holiday shopping. Maximize your sales by pushing your e-commerce site. Send an email with a link and coupon code to get guests to your site on Cyber Monday. Re-sending your email out the day of your sale will allow guests’ to simply click on a button and start shopping.

Check your inventory, advertise your offerings, and utilize all shopping channels to make the most out of this holiday season.

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