SmartBase Advocate
Patient Engagement Solution

Guide your prospective patients through their treatment evaluation process.
Enable them to connect with a patient who has undergone the treatment so they can make the best decisions for their health.

How Advocate Works

  • Identify, recruit and educate satisfied patients who have received treatment, creating your Advocate base
  • Build and execute marketing campaigns to drive prospective patients to your program
  • Advocate technology enables prospective patients to schedule phone conversations with your Advocates
  • Advocates share their personal experiences from diagnosis and treatment to everyday living
  • SmartBase provides reporting on your overall program from leads and conversion to metrics that guide Advocate training opportunities

SmartBase Advocate Resources

The Results

Up to 40% Conversion Rate

Clients who use SmartBase Advocate see up to 40% of prospective patients go on to receive the treatment or procedure.

Understand Patient Journey

Capture metrics to better understand prospective patients’ product or service questions, decision making process, and outcomes.

Increased Gross Revenue

Coordinated marketing campaigns drive prospective patients to participate in the Advocate program. Even a small increase in patient engagement, with a 40% conversion rate, will increase your revenue dramatically.