SmartBase Advocate

Use patient-to-patient conversations to increase conversion rates

Fear can hold patients back

When a doctor tells someone they need a pacemaker, stent or other surgical intervention, it’s always the patient’s choice whether or not to have the surgery. If they decline, it’s often due to a fear of the unknown.

Talking to satisfied patients can help

Chatting with someone who’s had a positive experience with a procedure can be reassuring. It also increases the likelihood that the patient considering the procedure will go ahead with it. In these private calls that aren’t subject to HIPAA regulations, people share stories and ask questions. Prospective patients get the information and support they need to make more confident decisions about surgery.

SmartBase Advocate connects past and current patients
to have powerful conversations.

Here’s how it works:


SmartBase Advocate is a data-powered, HIPAA-compliant solution that helps you to:

  • Identify, recruit and educate satisfied patients who have received treatment. These people become your advocate base
  • Create marketing campaigns that drive prospective patients to your program
  • Allow prospective patients to schedule phone conversations with your advocates
  • Increase your patient conversion rate and revenue
  • Capture metrics to better understand prospective patients’ questions, decision-making process, and outcomes
  • Build stronger, long-term relationships with patients. Turn today’s prospective patients into tomorrow’s advocates.

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