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SmartBase provides flexible, fast, and value-driven technology solutions. Leveraging technology solutions to enable customer engagement and business growth is our passion.

HITRUST-Certified Managed Infrastructure and Data Hosting

Secure, HIPAA-compliant environments for your sensitive data. We can set up your hosting environment quickly, to meet your short-term or long-term needs. We can host a portion of your environment or your entire infrastructure.

Marketing Automation

Use data insights to make your marketing campaigns smarter. Gain a better understanding of customer behavior, so you can send messages that get results.


Driive Customer Loyalty Program

Build stronger relationships with your clients using triggered emails and texts. This automated system delivers the right message at the right time, to boost loyalty and revenue.

Brand Loyalty Program

Increase your brand's engagement with its retailers and distribution channels. Our program incentivizes your retailers with rewards based on their purchases.


SmartBase Advocate

Increase the percentage of people who undergo your procedure by using patient-to-patient advocacy. We help you build a solid patient advocate base, and connect past and current patients for one-on-one conversations.


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