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Overcome information overload to uncover business insights

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Uncover Useful Data

Ensure your business decisions are driven by the right data. Our data analytics services will uncover the most useful data to help you achieve your business goals.

SmartBase will help you:

  • Collect and organize disparate information
  • Profile and determine what data is valuable
  • Integrate and analyze data to drive business operations
  • Explore data to identify trends and patterns to gain insights

Advanced Analytics


Using machine learning techniques, we group your customer base into segments to drive more effective marketing

Recommendation Engine

Deploy an algorithm that makes smart recommendations to your customers based on their behavior

Quadrant Analysis

Optimize your business by evaluating your performance based on two key performance indicators

Time-Series Forecasting & Analysis

Analyze time-series data and predict future behavior based on historic trends

Trend Analysis

Analyze time-series data and provide meaningful insights into customer behavior over a period of time

Predictive Analysis

Use machine learning to predict customer loyalty, retention and churn

SmartBase Analytic Portal


One Tool for All Analytics Users

From Line of Business Managers to Marketing to skilled Data Scientists, this tool centralizes the management of your organization's analytics. The portal is seamlessly integrated with our SmartBase IQ data platform to put your transformed data to work.

Now you can address three key business needs – operational reporting, business intelligence, and data science and exploration - from one interface.


Features and Benefits

  • Single sign-on
  • Custom dashboards
  • Vertical market analysis
  • Standard reports
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Real-time reporting and alerts
  • Automated report distribution

Grow Your Business

  • Optimize business processes, leveraging real-time data and alerts for maximum efficiency
  • Feed your transformed data into marketing automation tools, delivering timely, personalized communications
  • Analyze response to refine communication strategy
  • Identify trends and patterns in your data to fuel market research initiatives