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Build Stronger Connections and Closer Relationships

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Customer Loyalty

Retain your customers with relevant offers and rewards.

With over 79% of customers willing to switch brands due to a single poor experience, now is the time to get serious about your Customer Loyalty Program.

Most business owners, like you, already have enough on their plate, so we invite you to take advantage of our managed marketing services within the Driive Loyalty Marketing Solution. Our marketing team works with you to develop or improve your rewards program. Then, the Driive Loyalty platform automatically sends relevant messages to your customer based on their transactions and behaviors - without making extra work for you. You can also expertly share your sales, events and promotions with your customers using our managed email services.

Are your Customer Loyalty tactics working? We can show you results! From the corporate office to the store owner, we give you the visibility to see the results at every level, tracking program performance and tying your marketing to real dollars.

With Customer Loyalty Programs, you'll:

  • Develop or digitize rewards and referral programs
  • Collect customer email addresses by opting into your rewards program
  • Track points earned on purchases and trigger rewards
  • Attract new customers and retain them through triggered and promotional messages

Brand Loyalty

Become a bigger part of your client’s business.

Brand Loyalty from SmartBase is a web-based Brand Management Service that helps your brand engage all levels of your supply chain. We manage and visualize your distributor data to reveal opportunities for you to drive more sales.

Within your brand portal you’ll also be able to offer a full rewards program to incent buyers to purchase more as well as distribute approved brand assets to help them sell more of your product.


With Brand Loyalty, you'll:

  • Gain visibility into your entire supply chain performance
  • Incent buyers to increase their spend using rewards
  • Redeem buyer rewards inside of the portal
  • Maintain brand standards with approved asset library