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Whether you’re sending educational information, service messages or marketing content, you need the right marketing automation tools and expertise to help you maximize engagement and improve response.

Armed with insight and industry leading tools, we can help you refine your marketing strategy and execution for optimal results.


Automated Communications for Marketing and Operations

Employee Onboarding

Remind your new employees to begin and complete training modules with automated messages.

Talent Acquisition

Allow job candidates to apply online with progressive forms. Those who abandoned their applications are sent email reminders to complete the application.

Trigger Marketing

Send behavior-based marketing communications to prospects and consumers.

Usage Alerts

Send an automated email or SBS alert if usage levels exceed set maximums.

Full-Service Marketing Automation

As an IBM Partner, we offer the suite of IBM tools including IBM Watson Campaign Automation to enable email, direct mail, SMS, social media and mobile push for your organization. Depending on your needs and goals, we have the right capabilities for you.

Already have a marketing automation tool that you know and love?
We can integrate it into our SmartBase IQ Data Platform to make the most of your current investment.

Within the IBM Suite, we can:

  • Create and automate multi-wave, multi-channel campaigns
  • Send and measure customer-driven communications and trigger-based marketing
  • Integrate your campaigns across brands and business units
  • Target messages based on role, segment and buying stage
  • Plan, execute, analyze, refine and repeat

360 Degree View for Better Reporting

Combining campaign response data with POS, CRM, and other sources in a single platform makes it possible to see emerging trends. With SmartBase's Marketing Automation tools, you can continually improve consumer profiles and segments based on data rather than hunches.

The result is reporting that provides more accurate measurements and better insights to help you make the best decisions for your business.