3 Types of Loyalty Program Emails You Should Be Sending

Your loyalty program offers you a unique opportunity to communicate with your most loyal customers beyond the walls of your business. Taking the time to better understand what emails your loyalty program members would be interested in receiving is an important step to creating a successful program. Knowing what communications will be most valued by program participants will help you receive higher customer engagement in your program and higher open rates on your loyalty program emails.

There are plenty of options on types of emails to include in your loyalty program campaign. Here are three email ideas to send to your program members.

Welcome Email

Start your loyalty program on the right foot with a well-constructed welcome email! A welcome email allows new program members to verify that their contact information and email address was entered correctly and confirms that your emails are appearing in their inbox.

Your welcome email should include the basic details of your loyalty program. Try to keep your program’s explanation simple and easy to understand. You don’t want to overwhelm new members with too much information or make your program seem difficult to use. How the customer can earn points, how to redeem rewards, and when points expire are all examples of helpful pieces of information to include in your welcome email.

Point and Rewards Updates

Most of your customers aren’t going to keep close track of their loyalty program points and rewards. Reminding your program participants of their point balance, newly earned points, and expiring points is important for program engagement. You could either send stand-alone point update emails or include point balances on all of your loyalty program emails.

Showing program participants how close they are to earning a new reward is another great way to engage with your customers. This allows them to easily see a useful reward that is close and easy to obtain.

Birthday and Anniversary Reward Emails

Celebrate your loyal customers by offering them special rewards or points for their birthday! Most consumers join loyalty programs because they are looking for rewards or additional perks. You could offer a free birthday gift, a special discount, or other reward to be redeemed anytime in your customer’s birth month. Be sure to send birthday rewards emails at the start of each month so that your customers have ample time to claim their rewards.

You could also send loyalty program members an anniversary rewards email if you have the ability to track when a customer signs up for your program. Rewards could be similar to what would be offered for their birthday rewards or you could get creative and offer special discounts, additional points for their next purchase, or other offers to celebrate their loyalty to your business.

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Jul, 08, 2021