Ideas on How to Fix Your Loyalty Program

Implementing and offering a loyalty program that benefits your customers and your business are just the first steps of maintaining a functioning program. Loyalty programs are tools that need plenty attention and modification to maintain their success and obtain the results you’re looking for.

Sometimes it might seem like your loyalty program isn’t performing the way you would like it to. Maybe you aren’t getting many signups to your program or customers aren’t redeeming rewards. There are many reasons why you might not be reaching your business goals with your loyalty program. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons businesses think that their loyalty programs are failing and how to address them.

Customers aren’t signing up for your loyalty program

There are a few things to consider if you notice your program enrollment numbers are low:

  • Are your customers aware that you offer a loyalty program? Train your employees to mention your loyalty program to all customers. Have signage displayed that mentions your rewards program and customer benefits for joining.
  • Is customer data being accurately obtained? Customers might be signing up for your program but errors in contact information could prevent them from being members. Ensure employees are accurately gathering customer information when signing them up for your program.
  • Do you advertise your program on our website or mobile app? Spread the word about your program outside of the walls of your business! Mention your rewards program in places such as your website, mobile app, in newsletters, and on social media.
  • Is your loyalty program simple and easy to use? Making customers remember their reward cards adds an obstacle to your program. Try simplifying your program by only requiring a customer’s phone number or email address to be rewarded.

Loyalty program participants aren’t redeeming rewards

You might not be offering the appropriate rewards to your customers if they are racking up points but never cashing them in. Think about what your customers would find useful from your business and would benefit them. Are your rewards intriguing from your customer’s perspective? Be sure that you are offering rewards that relate to customer’s needs and why they visit your business. Test new reward offerings and monitor their redemption rate to get a better view of what your customers want from your program.

On the other hand, your amount of points to redeem rewards might be too high for the customer. It’s unappealing to customers if your rewards seem unattainable. Consider changing your point values on rewards to entice customers to visit your business more frequently to get closer to rewards.

Not actively monitoring and adapting the program

Neglecting to monitor your program’s performance is one of the biggest reasons why your loyalty program could fail. You should be checking in on your program numbers frequently, perhaps even weekly if time allows. Your program’s customer acquisition, retention, or win-back efforts are all areas that need to be monitored. Look for trends and use what you find to your advantage. The only way to pinpoint the areas in your program that need a little attention is to look at your program metrics. You can look at redeemed rewards, promotional email performance, and other details to help you determine where your program needs improvement.

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Jun, 23, 2021