Valentine’s Day Promotions and Your Loyalty Program

While federal holidays can give your retail business a revenue boost, don’t underestimate the revenue impact non-federal holidays can have on your business! Valentine’s Day is important for retailers across many industries, and the National Retail Federation has estimated that over half of U.S. adults plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to increase engagement through your loyalty program as consumers are eager to find gifts for their loved ones and themselves. Get higher success with your Valentine’s Day promotions and marketing initiatives with the help of your loyalty program.

Send promotional Valentine’s Day emails and texts

Getting your Valentine’s Day promotional emails in front of your customer is the first step to bringing in more business. Make sure your promotional emails don’t end up in the spam folder leading up to Valentine’s Day. Theme your emails to match the Valentine’s Day aesthetic and include any information on special sales, rewards, or promotions.

While you are drafting your promotional emails, remember to create promotional text messages for your customers who like to receive offers to their cell phones. Use both text and email to remind your loyalty program members that your business’s products or services would make a fabulous gift for Valentine’s Day. As a bonus, reaching out to members increases brand awareness regardless of whether or not they purchase their Valentine’s Day gift from your business.

Offer a special discount or reward

Entice customers to visit your business by offering a special holiday discount. You could have your offer run the week leading up to Valentine’s Day or just thru Valentine’s Day weekend. You can also offer a special Valentine’s Day reward to members in your loyalty program! You could offer a free product, extra rewards points, or anything else for loyalty members who visit your business and make a purchase leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Offer extra rewards points or promotions to customers who have visited your business multiple times but need a little extra push to join your loyalty program. Providing a new Valentine’s Day reward could be all that it takes to add a few more customers to your loyalty program and strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers.

You can make the most of Valentine’s Day or other non-federal holidays by making small adjustments to your loyalty program to fit the current targeted holiday. Holidays are generally great times to test out a new promotion or raise awareness of your rewards and loyalty program. Implementing your loyalty program during smaller holidays will raise your membership through the entire year.


Is your business making the most out of Valentine’s Day?

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