How Driive Loyalty Works With Point of Sale (POS) Providers

One key differentiator for a loyalty and rewards program is how well it is integrated with other systems your store is already utilizing. Here’s how we deliver our clients the solutions they need to reach out and reward their customers.

How Driive Loyalty Works with Point of Sale Providers

SmartBase Driive Loyalty leverages Point of Sale (POS) data integration capabilities to create a personalized experience for customers. Based on a guest’s transaction history, behavior, and demographics, the guest will receive unique emails or mobile texts. This level of personalization is what makes our loyalty program efficient and effective for our clients.

Driive’s Suite of Services:

Because SmartBase has the ability to integrate with POS providers, we are able to offer many solutions in our Driive Loyalty program:

    • Customer rewards – Our customized rewards program allows clients to look-up points and redeem rewards on their POS.


    • Trigger messages – Driive identifies clients’ targets, and automatically sends sequential triggered messages and offers based on data.


    • Customer feedback surveys – After a customer leaves a survey of their experience, you can look at the feedback survey to help evaluate your staff’s performance and improve overall customer experiences.


    • Social media survey review functionalities – Follow-up with customers who submit positive survey feedback by asking for any combination of Google, Yelp, or Facebook reviews.


    • Referral program – Offer your customers a completely digital and automated referral program that rewards them for referring new customers.


    • Program performance reporting – A reporting dashboard makes it easy to monitor your loyalty program’s performance.


Being able to integrate with your Point of Sale provider means we are able to offer a modern and easy to run loyalty program. If you’re curious about how Driive integrates with your POS system, call us at 612.767.9940 or contact us today.


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Feb, 25, 2021