What is Driive Loyalty?

With the acquisition of Group 3 Marketing, we acquired a Customer Loyalty and Franchise Marketing Platform that makes connecting with customers easy for franchisees in all industries.

This technology was good but we knew there was opportunity for improvement. As an IBM Business Partner, we had access to the powerful marketing automation technology that would take this platform to the next level for our Franchisees.

We named this technology Driive Loyalty Marketing Solution because it does just that – every feature within the solution drives loyalty with your customers and for your brand.

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So.. What is Driive Loyalty?

Driive Loyalty combines a full Customer Rewards Program with Triggered Messages with Promotional Messages to create stronger connections with your customers.

Customer Rewards
  • We work with you to create a Rewards Program or enhance your current program
  • Assign # of points to a dollar amount and determine appropriate rewards
  • Create a Rewards website for your customers to look up their points, rewards and manage their preferences
  • Provide dedicated customer service via phone for your Rewards Program


Triggered Messages
  • Create and configure up to 30 Triggered Messages based on transaction or customer profile data
  • Sending the right message to the right person at the right time, automatically, saves our time for our busy Franchisees
  • Cross-sell and up-sell automatically within Triggered Messages based on customer transaction history


Promotional Messages
  • Managed Promotions
    • Our expert marketers create, design and send your messages for you
    • Custom select your audience to ensure your targeted messages are going to the right people
    • Perfect for busy business owners that want professional communications without the hassle of learning a new tool


  • DIY Promotions
    • Already have a marketing team? Have the time to create your own communications? This tool is for you.
    • Create and send your emails on your own time. No waiting for proofs, sifting through emails or going back and forth with changes.
    • The DIY Email tool offers everything from drag and drop features to HTML coding – great for all levels of user.


Other features in Driive Loyalty include:

Customer Feedback Surveys • Referral Programs • SMS Campaigns • Social Media Integrations • Mobile Apps

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Mar, 15, 2017