Driive Loyalty Marketing Solution

Connect with your customers at the right time with the right message, the way they prefer, to strengthen loyalty and ensure retention.


Trigger & Promotional Messages

Trigger Email Marketing
Using your data, your customers will enjoy a tailored experience with your brand from the moment they opt in. Based on their transactions or behaviors, Cross-Sell and Upsell offers are placed dynamically in your messages.

Driive Loyalty supports multiple channels: Email, Direct Mail and SMS messages.

Managed Promotional Email Service
Our experts will work with you to design an email, review a proof and send your promotion to the right audience

DIY Promotional Email Marketing
Create or upload your email template, customize your message and view your proof. Choose your custom audience and hit send!

Surveys & Comments

Client feedback is critical to the success of your business, from improving products to driving loyalty marketing strategy. Learn how to better serve your customers with Driive Loyalty Surveys.
  • Capture Client Interaction
  • Evaluate Business Performance
  • Receive Low Survey Score Alerts
  • Post Comments to Social Media

Referral Program

Our referral program is completely digital, which means you can automatically track individual referrals and easily measure program success.

How It Works

  • Trigger or Promotional emails contain a 'Refer Friends' button
  • Custom Referral Program landing page with referral offer
  • Referrer has 3 ways to refer their friends - Email, Share on Facebook, Unique URL
  • Unique Referral URL is generated for each customer, making tracking simple
  • New Customers opt into Referral Program and receive offer message
  • Once Referral offer is used, Referrer receives their Referral Reward

Reporting Dashboard

Evaluate your loyalty marketing performance 24/7 with an intuitive dashboard, multi-level analysis, and standard & ad-hoc reporting.

Standard Reports

  • Customer Count & Sales Trends
  • Message Tracking & ROI
  • Retention Analysis
  • Email Address Collection Rate
  • Highest/Lowest Performing Customers
  • Points & Rewards Redemption

The Results

Increased Retention

Clients who use Driive Loyalty Marketing Platform retain a higher percentage of clients than those who have physical loyalty programs.

Increased Same Store Sales

Triggered messages enable clients to cross sell and upsell products and services automatically based on customer transaction history.

Cost Effective Solution

Clients are able to prove the ROI of Driive Loyalty quickly, as all of the pieces of our solution are already fully integrated.