Data Driven,
Human Focused.

SmartBase Solutions combines raw data and customer-centric marketing knowledge with the tools you need to market to today’s customer, transforming your marketing activities and improving your ROI.

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Data Driven,
Human Focused.

We take a people-centered approach to our work, providing flexibility and reliability to our clients, and the where, when, and how of real human connections to your customers.

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Find The Right

Leveraging our expertise with campaign software, we help execute and manage complex customer-driven experience flows, helping you determine where, when, and how to reach your customers most efficiently.

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Ask the Right

With over 25 years of experience in talking to customers, we know how to find the right people and ask the right questions so you can make better decisions.

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IBM Preferred

SmartBase Solutions is a preferred business partner of IBM, the recognized leader in Enterprise Marketing Management software.

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Turning Your Data into Actionable Knowledge Through

Enterprise Marketing Management

Using technology and data to drive strategies around customer needs and desires.

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Data Management

Managing Big Data. We help identify it, clean and enhance it, and mine it for gold.

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Secure Hosting

Ensuring that customers have uninterrupted access to their critical applications when they need it.

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Market Research

Immersing yourself in the language and the experiences of your customers to create more meaningful solutions and stronger relationships.

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Using a Retention Model for Strategic Marketing Decisions

Discover how SmartBase Solutions helps healthcare companies reach out to the empowered healthcare consumer with a meaningful dialogue that ultimately promotes revenue growth within the company.

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Our Partners

We continue to expand our services to meet the needs of a changing marketplace.

SmartBase is an IBM preferred partner. With IBM’s campaign management solution, you can quickly and cost-effectively design, execute, and measure customer-driven communication strategies across all of your channels, online and offline.

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Our Team

It’s The People

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals who live and breathe data. We’re industry experts who will look at your data from all sides, and help you make smart business decisions that will drive sustained marketing success.

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