SmartBase IQ

This plug and play big data platform transforms your data from disparate into ready-to-use

Data Analytics

Put your transformed data to work. Leverage a portal that brings all analytics capabilities into one tool

Communication Automation

Use behavioral data to build and drive communications. Reach your audience when and where they prefer to increase conversion

Customer and Brand Loyalty

Strengthen customer relationships with rewards programs and targeted multi-channel messaging

We help you grow your businesses from a smarter data foundation

The SmartBase Solutions team integrates and transforms all of your data so it's ready to use. As a data driven marketing firm, we make the data easily accessible so you can optimize business processes, fuel your marketing and communications and make the best business decisions possible.


  • Integrate, enrich and manage your data in SmartBase IQ
  • Easily access your data though the SmartBase Analytic Portal
  • Leverage vertical market analyses and expertise
  • Automate distribution of standard and custom reports
  • Plug in IBM communication automation tools - or your own
  • Go beyond data to find the "Why" of consumer behavior
Result: Data driven marketing strategy, better decisions, closer consumer relationships

Industries Served