Data Analytics

Put data to work for you through a proof of concept. Roll the POC straight into production to maximize value.

Marketing Automation

Use behavioral data to build and drive campaigns. Reach your customer when and where they prefer to increase conversion.

Market Research

Qualitative, quantitative, audits, list sourcing and cleaning etc. The voice of the customer will kickstart any project.

About SmartBase

We've been helping companies get more from their data for the last 10 years. Our team can build, house and manage your data so you can streamline business processes, optimize your marketing and make the best business decisions possible.
Isn't this what you've been waiting for?

  • Bring in, categorize and track your data
  • Build Proof of Concept to test the value
  • Create custom reports that show real insights
  • Attach your marketing automation tool (or ours)
  • Better decisions, closer customer relationships.
  • Increased revenue, increased smiles on your boss's face.

Top Industries Served


SmartBase Analytic Platform

The SmartBase Analytic Platform is a plug and play big data solution that analyzes your data to produce actionable insights. This platform includes all hardware, software and services needed for implementation.

As a first step, we use the Platform to test a use case in a Proof Of Concept. From the POC, we can seamlessly implement the platform in your environment without losing the investment you've already made.